It was a wonderful experience. The teacher was quite friendly and thoroughly explains all the topics. Every misunderstanding has been addressed and full stated. Institute also provide us study materials. Highly recommended!!

Harshita Pandey / Student /P.B. Academy

I am so glad appreciate the wonderful help done to me by AIITA institute for me, especially by the trainer Miloy Mallik. overall I was satisfied with course offered by the institute. the trainer was available all the time and very cooperative in teaching me. I really appreciate him for the wonderful skills and methods that he used for teaching me, it was so wonderful. the language that he used was so good and understandable. he was also so polite while teaching. and the circumstances were also were wonderful. so from the bottom of my heart I think the entire AIITA and the trainer for your heard wok. i am satisfied and profited out of m course.

Bala Showry / Church Fathers

Thank you so much Miloy Sir for your guidance. When I first joined the class, I didn’t have much knowledge about Microsoft Office but your unique teaching style has helped me to understand even the toughest portions of the course without much trouble.Thank you for solving all my doubts with patience. Being in your class was so motivating and inspiring. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

Apurba Mondal / Student